Who are we?
1. Phrygian Frog Music Professionals (Business)

2. Phrygian Frog Publishers (Music Publishers at ASCAP and BMI)

3. Phrygian Frog Records – (PFR) (Independent Record Label) 

  • What is Phrygian? 

1. The Phrygian mode is one of our favorite Greek scales/modes.

2. A Phrygian was a person from Ancient Phrygia.

3. A Phrygian Cap is a cap worn on the head to signify freedom and the pursuit of liberty.

1. Frogs are cool. Anyone ever play “Frogger.”

2. Frogs can hop and leap into action.

3.  The “f” in frog has the same pronunciation as the “ph” in phrygian.

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